STC History 


November 2012:   Cessna 335 Amended to STC SA01935LA by FAA

March 2012:   Cessna 340/340A Amended to STC SA01935LA by FAA

May 2010:   PMA Transition from FIS Manual to Quality Control

                      Manual Approved by FAA

April 2010:   Cessna 404 Amended to STC SA01935LA by FAA 

April 2010:   Design Changes to Improve Ease of Installation 

                        Approved by FAA

 February 2010:    Cessna 441 Amended to EASA STC 10027121

                                 & Granted EASA STC 10027121, Rev. 1

 September 2009:   STC SA01935LA (Cessna 401 - 425)

                                     Approved by EASA & Granted EASA STC 10027121 

 August 2009:   Cessna 441 Amended to STC SA01935LA by FAA

 December 2007:   STC SA01935LA (TC# AC7E) issued to 

                                   Aircraft Performance Modifications, Inc. by FAA

November 2006:   Parts Manufacturer Aproval (No. PQ2558NM)

                                  issued to Aircraft Performance Modificaitons, Inc. 

                                  by FAA

 February 2005:   Application for Dual Strake STC submitted to FAA

 January 2004:   Engineering begins for the design of Cessna 400    

                              Series Strakes